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Offer Expires: January 1st, 2018


NPI Certificate Programs & Public Posture Programs 25% Off
NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ (Program & Exam Bundle)
NPI-Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (Program & Exam Bundle)
NPI-Certified Goniometry Specialist™ (Program & Exam Bundle)
NPI Public Posture Program

We understand that many of you may not want to study during the holiday season, so we are giving you a total 5-month of access to the certificate programs above (instead of 3-month). That means if you want to start your program in 2017, it’s totally fine! Lock down the holiday sale prices now and start when you are ready!

Continuing Education Courses 30% Off

20+ Online CE Courses

Nutrition Specialization Certificate Programs 10% Off

Certificate in Functional Nutrition

Certificate in Sports Nutrition and Performance

Certificate in Family Nutrition
Certificate in School Nutrition and Wellness

Career Development Programs 10% Off

Personal Fitness Training/Advanced Personal Fitness Training

Fitness Business Management

Older Adult Personal Training & Group Exercise Training
Women's Exercise Training and Wellness
NPI Educational DVDs – 20% Off
The Complete Resistance Training Program™ Series (7 DVDs)

Analyzing and Assessing Posture and Body Alignment™ DVD

Cardiovascular Training in Correct Posture DVD

NPI Posture Grids™ & Goniometers – 10% Off

NPI Posture Grid™ with Grommets & BONUS Video
NPI Posture Grid™ with Retractable Stand & BONUS Video

Goniometer - 12.5 inches (12.5")

Goniometer - 8.5 inches (8.5")


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