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NPI Certified Goniometry Specialist™ (NPI-CGS) Certificate

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The online NPI-Certified Goniometry Specialist™ (NPI-CGS) Certificate Program is designed for personal trainers, group exercise instructors (Aerobic/Strength/TRX/Pilates/Yoga etc…), athletic trainers, allied medical professionals (physical therapists/chiropractors) interested in learning a detailed process to assess their clients/patients joint and muscular range of motion (ROM) using a Goniometer. The program will teach you how to analyze and assess an individual utilizing a goniometer as a measuring, evaluation, and assessment tool.  Whether you are a fitness/health professional or a college student taking an assessment or kinesiology course; learn how to perform and conduct goniometry assessments!

Certificate Objectives:

  • Teaches how goniometry assessments will allow for the design of a complementary exercise/rehab program focusing on measuring and improving joint range of motion (ROM) and posture.
  • Learn protocols to implement a Goniometry Assessment Program into a facility or organizations current health and exercise testing program.
  • Teaches the measurement procedures and techniques of performing goniometric assessments.
  • Teaches procedures of how to explain assessment results to a client or patient.
National Posture Institute Certified Goniometry Specialist™ (CGS)


In this Certificate Program, you will receive:

  • Full Access to the Online Certificate Program Site for three (3) months
  • 1 DVD (filmed in HD; 130 minutes), includes a detailed lecture and procedures of conducting goniometer assessments for all major joint structures
  • Exclusive lecture, instruction, and guidance by Ken Baldwin, Associate Professor, NPI’s Executive Director, & IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award Recipient
  • Details on how to implement a Goniometry Assessment Program™ at your facility
  • Professional instruction to test joint range of motion to prevent musculoskeletal imbalances and injury
  • Printable handout(s) to conduct a goniometry assessment program
  • Prepare you to take the Final Certificate Exam online

Format of Online Program:

  • This program is a self-paced, online distance education
  • The Online Certificate program can be completed in the convenience of your own home, office, or classroom
  • You have three (3) months of unlimited individual access to complete the program
  • Prerequisites: It is recommended that you are a current Certified Posture Specialist™, or have a personal training/fitness certification, or are a graduate/current student with a degree in exercise science, fitness, athletic training, physical therapy, or other related allied health/medical field
  • Access courses from any Web browser
  • Allows you to progress at your own pace through the online format  

Format of Examination & Certificate :

  • Receive a minimum of 70% to pass the Examination and graduate (Examination is automatically graded for immediate results)
  • Graduates will receive a Certificate via email upon successfully completing the online program and passing the Examination
  • If you fail to pass the final examination, you can retake the examination for an additional $99

Online Program Requirements:

  • A computer with email and internet connection
  • Online students/clients should have basic computer knowledge

Our Refund Policy:  Once you receive the access procedures for the course(s)/program(s) you registered for, NO refunds will be accepted.

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