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NPI Certificate Programs

NPI provides online certificate programs to educate professionals to become experts in posture analysis, resistance training, and fitness and health specialization fields. Our specialized educational programs help professionals from different industries further their careers and create new business opportunities. To learn more about our programs or to register:

Why Become an NPI Certified Professional?

  • NPI’s Career Track Development Plan™:  NPI has developed specialized educational programs and career offerings designed to enhance a current candidate’s ability to succeed as a health/medical/fitness professional in a variety of settings. 

  • NPI is the leader in posture and body alignment analysis and correction: the foundation of movement performance is posture, stability, correct form and proper resistance training technique. NPI's sole focus is educating professionals in these specialized areas.
  • Gain recognition as an Elite Posture Professional: Expand your posture assessment skills and your knowledge to teach and modify exercise movements to correct posture for different populations.
  • New Revenue Stream Potential: By becoming an NPI Professional, you open the door to countless new revenue stream potentials. From assessing an athlete’s posture, allowing them to perform better, to helping an older adult reduce falling, posture correction and analysis can be applied to almost any situation and have a positive effect!
  • Superior Educator:  Learn NPI’s Education Based Training (EBT) Model™ and learn the concepts that will allow you to become an excellent teacher and educator for your students (clients/patients).

  • Specialized Professional: Separate yourself from the rest: Don't let yourself fall into the cracks along with all the other certified or licensed individuals. Impress your clients, patients, and the community by becoming an NPI Professional.

  • Success in different professional settings: By becoming an NPI Professional you are provided with numerous tools and knowledge to apply in different professional settings that include:
    • Health clubs,  fitness facilities, and YMCAs/JCCs

    • Rehab/ physical therapy / chiropractic clinics
    • Sports performance and strength and conditioning sites
    • Corporate wellness programs and  facilities
    • Older adult and retirement centers/communities
    • College recreational centers
    • And hospitals and medically-based fitness centers


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