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The National Posture Institute

The National Posture Institute (NPI) is an educational and professional organization whose goal is to educate individuals to become Certified Posture Specialists™ (CPS), Resistance Training Professionals (RTP), and Certified Goniometry Specialists™ (CGS) . In addition, NPI addresses five distinct areas to achieve its mission. Each area is presented below.

National Posture Institute

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National Posture Institute
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NPI addresses five distinct areas:


Certificate Programs & CEC/CEU WORKSHOPS

Educating personal trainers, fitness professionals, athletic trainers, and allied health/medical professionals to become Certified Posture Specialists™ (CPS™), Certified Resistance Training Professionals™ (RTP™), and Certified Goniometry Specialists™ (CGS™). NPI has created online courses/certificate programs and onsite workshops that provide CECs/CEUs for personal trainers, athletic trainers, RDs, physical therapists, group exercise instructors, kinesiotherapists, and others.

Health Clubs/Allied Health/Medical Facilities
We offer facilities successful business solutions through the integration of the CPS/RTP/CGS certificates and Posture Assessment Program to retain and build a large client/patient/member base.

Funding research awards focusing on posture and body alignment in relation to assessments, exercise movements, injury prevention, balance, sports performance, physiology, special populations, and ergonomics.


Offering the CPS/RTP/CGS certificates to students at colleges or universities with certificate/two/four-year degree programs in exercise science, personal fitness training, physical therapy, athletic training, and/or other related allied health/medical program.

Public Education
Educating and training individual consumers, the public, employers, companies, school systems, organizations, and the community, on proper posture, body alignment, and exercise movements through our Public Posture Education Programs™.


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