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Posture Analysis, Correction, and Resistance Training Workshop
Incorporating a Complete Posture and Body Alignment Program at Your Facility


This 1-Day or 2-Day workshop developed by the National Posture Institute (NPI) teaches personal trainers/all exercise instructors (Aerobic/Strength/TRX/Pilates/Yoga etc…), and allied health/medical professionals to assess, correct, and educate their clients/patients/themselves in all areas of posture and body alignment.


Workshop attendees can earn CECs/CEUs from different national and international organizations (View extensive CEC/CEU LIST).

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to earn a CEC Completion Certificate and register for NPI's Online Course Site to complete their education, examination, and receive NPI’s Certified Posture Specialist™ (CPS) and NPI’s Certified Resistance Training Professional™ (RTP) designation. Attendees with have 3-months after the workshop to complete their online education and pass the final examination for the CPS and RTP Certificate Programs.

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