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National Posture Institute's Professional Series: The Complete Resistance Training Program™ (7 DVDs)  [ NPI  (11.0 CEC's) ]

Product Descriptions:

The National Posture Institute’s Professional Series - The Complete Resistance Training Program™ DVD is designed for personal trainers, group exercise instructors, athletic trainers, allied medical professionals (physical therapists/chiropractors) interested in learning a detailed process to teach, analyze, and perfect resistance training exercises/movements for their clients/patients.  Whether you are a fitness/health professional, college student, or individual from the general public; learn how to perform biomechanically safe and effective resistance exercises and develop training programs to correct posture and body alignment and avoid exercise-related injuries! 

Cost (USD) :  $199


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For college student pricing or faculty interested in conducting research studies implementing biomechanically safe resistance training exercises-please contact NPI at info@npionline.org

DVD package will be shipped in 3-5 business days. 

International Shipping: For international delivery addresses (outside the United States) or Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories, and APO/FPO addresses, please fill in this International Shipping Request Form (International Shipping Charges may apply after the initial sale)

Please allow for up to 15 business days for everything to arrive.


Learn to perform resistance exercises using biomechanically designed handles/bars from TrakFitness


Product Details:

You will be educated in the following:

  • Learn to choose and teach the safest exercise movement for specific muscle groups based on physiological, neurological, and biomechanical principles
  • Learn the proper method to teach, demonstrate, and grade/rank an exercise movement using NPI’s Exercise-Movement Grading System™
  • Learn how to develop observation, evaluation, educational, and feedback strategies
  • Learn the 3 phases of biomechanical/scientific analysis to perform resistance training exercises using free weights, cable/selectorized machines, body weight exercises, stability balls, exercise tubing, etc…
  • Learn how to sequence and select the best exercises to enhance a client’s/patients posture and body alignment using NPI’s Exercise Training Matrix™

In this Educational DVD Series, you will receive:

  • 7-DVDs (11 Hours/filmed in HD), includes, exercise design for chest/back/shoulders/arms/legs/trunk/core
  • 300+ videos filmed in multi-planes (lateral/anterior or posterior) providing unparalleled details on exercise performance
  • Exclusive lectures, instruction, and guidance by Ken Baldwin, Associate Professor (State University of New York), NPI’s Executive Director, & IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award Recipient
  • Professional instruction to improve posture/body alignment and exercise performance to prevent injury
  • Complete Exercise Modalities including:  free weights, cable/selectorized machines, body weight training, stability balls, exercise tubing, etc…
  • Printable handout(s) to design personalized exercise programs

Demo Video 1

Demo Video 2


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About the DVD Author:

Kenneth E. Baldwin is an Associate Professor/Coordinator for the Master's degree in Fitness and Wellness Leadership and is the Executive Director for The National Posture Institute, an educational/professional organization that educates allied health/fitness and medical professionals to become designated NPI-Certified Posture Specialists™. He is the Senior Editor/Lead Author for ACSM’s Resources for the Personal Trainer (2nd Edition), former Chair of IDEA’s Personal Trainer Committee, and recipient of IDEA’s Personal Trainer of the Year Award. 

“The DVDs will provide professionals an irreplaceable process to educate their clients/patients on executing biomechanically safe and effective exercise movements for the entire body.” – Kenneth E. Baldwin


“I must say I watched all 7 DVD’s of The Complete Resistance Training Program and was blown away by the content. I learned so much; it’s unbelievable. Every personal trainer in the world should own this and memorize it.   Kudos to Mr. Baldwin for putting together such a concise, informative set.  Best investment yet. This should be mandatory learning... I am in school right now for personal fitness training and am shocked at the poor form I see in the gym.”   - Eeva Hopley from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


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