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NPI Public Posture Speaking Program™

– Start Conducting Professional Posture Presentations in Your Community!


This program allows NPI-Certified Posture Specialists™ to gain access to NPI’s specially designed “PowerPoint Posture Presentation titled: Posture Analysis and Correction Workshop for Everyone” that can be delivered to individuals of the public seeking posture education, assessment, correction, and training.  The presentation is fully developed, so there will be no or minimum work on your part to have access to a professional presentation that includes NPI’s specialized posture information, pictures, and lecture format.  The presentation consists of approximately 42 slides, and can be presented to individuals in organizations, companies, or to members/employees within your facility/company in a 1 to 2 hour lecture format.  The ability to offer NPI’s Posture Presentation provides you, the Certified Posture Specialist, another opportunity to market your services and further your position as the leading posture expert in your community!


Benefits of the NPI Public Posture Speaking Program™ include:

  • Establishing a professional image in your community and presenting NPI’s Posture Workshop to a large public audience that will generate multiple client and patient leads for your facility
  • Developing long-term business relationships with organizations interested in reducing healthcare costs, absenteeism, and musculoskeletal injuries for their employees.  
  • Providing posture training and workshops in-house for membership retention.
  • Creating business opportunities to market your services (personal training, group exercise (Pilates/Yoga/Strength), physical therapy, athletic training, or chiropractic) to increase your client/patient and membership base.

Participation Guidelines and NPI’s Registration Box Office Program include the following:

  • Maintain your Certified Posture Specialist™ designation.  If your CPS designation expires, you are not allowed to utilize NPI’s Public Posture Presentation in any fashion until your CPS has been renewed.  Once payment is made-you agree to these usage terms.
  • Pay $129 for NPI’s Public Posture PowerPoint Presentation (PDF Format) and 3 workshop attendee handouts (1 posture assessment, 1 NPI Four Points of Posture™, and 1 lecture outline – all in PDF Format).  The PDF PowerPoint and 3 workshop handouts will be emailed to you once payment is confirmed and #3 below is completed.  NOTE 1-Please allow 7 to 10 business days for receipt of the email containing all documents.  NOTE 2-You can personalize the presentation (incorporate additional slides) for $75 per hour.
  • After purchasing, NPI staff will contact you via email to get the following information:  Provide us with all your contact information such as the following:  name, title, company organization, website address, and email address that you want to list on the cover/ending slide and outline handout.  
  • NPI’s Registration Box Office Program - Get your Public Presentation Listed on NPI’s website under “Onsite Workshops” and listed in our NPI Newsletter.  NPI can accept and track all registrations for you.   If you plan on getting your workshop listed; please Contact NPI 8 weeks prior to your Public Presentation lecture date.  This will allow adequate time for you to market your event.   You may email us at info@npionline.org if you are interested in NPI taking registrations for you and getting listed on our website.

NPI Public Posture Speaking Program™

Product Details:

  • 1 Fully developed & customizable public posture presentation (approximately 42 PowerPoint slides in PDF format), which includes NPI’s specialized posture information, pictures, and lecture format.
  • 3 workshop attendee handouts (1 posture assessment, 1 NPI Four Points of Posture™, and 1 lecture outline – all in PDF Format)


Cost:  $129.00 (Deliver via Internet)

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Public Posture Speaking Program


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