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official NPI lanyard

This official NPI lanyard is perfect for holding keys, ID's or badges. It fits comfortably around your neck and proudly displays your status as a Certified Posture Specialist. The lanyard is made of high quality nylon and is approximately 3/4" wide and 19" long.

National Posture Institute Lanyard

National Posture Institute Lanyard

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official NPI lanyard

Product Details

• For Keys, ID's or anything else
• Made of high quality nylon
• Blue with white lettering
• Bull-dog Clip
• 3/4" x 19" in size

PLEASE NOTE: International Shipping Charges may apply after the initial sale.
Please allow for up to 15 business days for everything to arrive.


Cost (USD) :  $5.00 each


Discounts available for bulk purchases over 5.

To order 5 or more, please contact NPI at info@npionline.org

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