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Expand Your Client/Patient Base with NPI's Business Development Packages

Part of NPI's mission is to provide outreach and business opportunities to the health/medical/fitness community (Athletic Training, Chiropractic, Pilates, Physical Therapy, Personal Training).  NPI is offering Business Development Packages.

By purchasing
NPI Business Development Packages, you will have access to our Certified Posture Specialist Certificate program, specialized software programs,  teaching solutions and business development practices that will grow your business and profit centers.  In addition, you will be authorized and permitted to use the NPI name and logo to market your new Posture-Based Business Model.  You will also have the opportunity to become a future educational and training site for workshops in addition to being able to become an NPI teaching instructor.

With these tools and training you can reinvent your facility into a sustainable business of value. NPI Business Development Packages “pull it all together” into a cohesive package that you will reap rewards from for years to come!

What are the requirements to Implement NPI Business Development Packages?

Certain requirements must be met, which include having at minimum:

  • One (1) Certified Posture Specialist™ (CPS) onsite per facility location
  • One (1) Posture Grid onsite per facility location
  • Access to Posture Pro Software onsite per facility location
  • Access to NPI-V2 Pro Exercise Clipart Software CD onsite per facility location
  • Access to CPS Health/Fitness Assessment forms and exercise program handout forms
  • Purchased one of the two Business Development Packages below.  Choose from either our Pro or Elite Package:





Posture Pro Software
 X  X

NPI-Multidimensional Task Ability Profile (MTAP) Software

NPI-V2 Pro Exercise Clipart Software CD
 X  X
Posture Grid™ with Retractable Stand
Posture Grid™ with Grommets
 X  X
Certified Posture Specialist™ Program Access ***
 X  X
2 Hours of Consulting
PowerPoint for Public Posture Lectures
Certified Posture Specialist™ Health/Fitness Assessment Forms  X  X
Client/Patient Exercise Program Handouts  X  X
Certified Posture Specialist™ Marketing Flyers  X  X
NPI Business Development Site Status!  X  X
Normally $3429 $2046

You Pay $2999
savings of over $400

You Pay $1799
savings of over $200

***By purchasing NPI Business Development Packages, discounts will be provided for facilities that interested in multiple staff member CPS Program Access

SHIPPING:  Once purchased please allow 7 to 10 business days to receive all of your materials either via mail or email.  Any questions should be directed to:  info@npionline.org.  Once an order is processed and you have received at minimum one item from us either via email or mail, NO REFUNDS will be provided.  PLEASE NOTE:  International Shipping Charges may apply after the initial sale.  In addition, please allow for up to 15 business days for everything to arrive. 

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Business Development Packages

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