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The National Posture Institute (NPI) Launches Goniometer & ROM Testing DVD and Certified Goniometry Specialist (CGS) Certificate Program in April, 2012


Tampa, FL, April 18, 2012 The National Posture Institute will be releasing an educational DVD titled Goniometer and Joint Range of Motion Testing™, hosted by Ken Baldwin, as well as Certified Goniometry Specialist (CGS) program in April 2012. This will offer easy access to fitness/health professionals, trainers, business owners, as well as the general public, to get instructional education on how to analyze and assess an individual utilizing a goniometer as a measuring, evaluation, and assessment tool.

Joint ROM testing is an important evaluation step before designing personalized exercises for a client/patient. It assists in determining an individual’s coordination, neural/motor abilities, muscle strength and Joint ROM. It helps identify painful motions due to contracting or stretching of tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursa, the joint capsule and arcs of motion as well.

“We are very excited to launch the Goniometry DVD and certificate program, since posture assessment and joint ROM testing is crucial prior to training any individual,” said Ken Baldwin, Executive Director of the National Posture Institute and Recipient of IDEA’s National Personal Trainer of the Year Award.

The National Posture Institute is dedicated to delivering online and onsite education regarding: posture, corrective exercises, public education and posture-based business models. As a fast-growing organization, it has appeared at numerous conferences over the years, and has partnered with many universities/colleges, organizations and businesses. The goniometry DVD and certificate program are great additions to NPI’s educational model.    

“This goniometry DVD is a very unique educational product, it combines detailed lecture, presented by me, and actual hand-on testing procedures”, said Baldwin. “Viewers will be able to learn the science behind ROM testing and the break-down components of measuring joint ROM with a goniometer, as well as learning how to conduct joint ROM testing in real scenario.”

To learn more about Goniometry DVD, visit http://www.npionline.org/products/Goniometer                     

To learn more about CGS program, visit http://www.npionline.org/programs/professional/cgs.htm

About the National Posture Institute (NPI)      

The National Posture Institute (NPI) is an educational and member-driven organization, providing health and fitness educational programs, public outreach, corporate wellness, and professional certificate programs for allied health/medical/fitness professionals as well as posture education programs for the general public.  NPI is dedicated to delivering education through innovative educational resources, teaching solutions, and courses.

For More Information Contact:
Kenneth Baldwin, Executive Director, NPI
Email: ken@npionline.org
Toll Free: 888-240-2914
Website: www.npionline.org


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