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Helping You Succeed

At NPI, our commitment is to your success. We can help your organization or academic institution succeed in offering a complete certificate and educational programs for your employees and students that will lead directly to greater business success and employment opportunities.

Additionally, on an individual level, we can help your career take a dramatic leap forward by teaching you the process to analyze, evaluate, and correct posture and body alignment in your clients’ or patients’. This, in turn, will directly increase your client/patient base and increase the referrals you will receive.

As a public health issue, we assist individual consumers, the public, employers, companies, school systems, organizations, and the community, on proper posture, body alignment, and exercise movements through our Public Posture Education Programs. Our goal is to reduce health care costs and absenteeism from work related back problems and injuries due to lack of education on proper body mechanics and postural alignment.
We deliver the best in educational programs and courses because we hire the best educators, practitioners, and developers in the health, fitness, and technological industry. We invite you to explore the educational and training solutions provided by NPI. You'll be glad you did.
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