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become a national posture institute workshop instructor


Are you a current NPI Professional or a

health/medical/fitness professional that is interested in taking your status as a posture and body alignment educator to the next level? Then become an NPI Workshop Instructor!

NPI Workshop Instructors administer live workshops on a regular basis at their home facility, national/international conferences, fitness conventions, and for local/national health/fitness facilities. Our instructors have the ability to set up their own NPI Workshop, and run as many workshops throughout the year as they desire.

To become an NPI Workshop Instructor requires:

If you are interested in becoming an NPI Workshop Instructor please submit the following information below to info@npionline.org. When sending your information, please identify in the email subject heading "NPI Workshop Instructor Submission".

Required items for Submission:

  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV
  • 3 Professional References (NPI may contact)
  • 5 minute video of you teaching/lecturing on posture and exercise movements. Video should be uploaded to Youtube or comparable video upload system, and email us the link to your video with the above required information.

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