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3 Qualities Your Clients Need to Develop to Help Them Stay on Their Fitness Journey


You’ve probably told your clients about all the wonderful benefits of exercise. Having spoken to them often you also know all about their goals and dreams, and you’ve developed a plan of action to help them achieve success. In spite of all this, there’s just one small problem. They’re struggling to achieve their goals.


3 Qualities Your Clients Need to Develop to Help Them Stay on Their Fitness Journey

What could be so dire that’s holding them back from achieving their results? It’s all there for them. They have the workouts, the qualified trainer, the right equipment, an encouraging environment, and so much more. They even have the time and the money to spend to make this happen, so why aren’t they showing up, and if they’re showing up why aren’t they giving 110 percent?

You probably know where this is going. You’ve had this conversation already and sometimes it sticks and other times it doesn’t. You’ve borrowed NIKE’s slogan and told them to “Just do it”, you’ve given them a stern talking on a few occasions and reminded them about their goals, but something is missing. They get down on themselves; they feel like it isn’t working fast enough or it isn’t right for them.

It feels frustrating to have to deal with someone who isn’t focused, skipping classes for whatever reason, or just can’t seem to get it together. One of the major reasons they’re struggling is because they haven’t developed certain qualities needed for success in this area. Sure, they may have them in their work life and other areas, but for some reason that bulb hasn’t turned on in this area yet.

Here are 3 qualities your clients need to develop if they want to be successful. Keep in mind, you’re going to have to tell them about these qualities and remind them, but it’ll be all for the better.

1. Discipline

Discipline is listed first and foremost because this is the quality you need over motivation. Motivation is a funny thing; you get it sometimes and other times it’s lost out at sea, nowhere to be found. Everyone is searching for this magical motivation, but can’t seem to find it. That’s where discipline comes in. Discipline is what’s needed to pass your classes at school, get up for work, and stay on schedule. Skip motivation and get disciplined. Discipline keeps you going because you’ve made a commitment to complete whatever you need to do regardless of how you feel.

2. Patience

The saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day” should come to mind here. When things aren’t working, when you feel stuck, when you can’t see the work you’re putting in, but you know you’re on the right path, you need patience. Patience is what it takes through the months of hard work and effort to build the life you desire. You need patience if you’re on any grand journey, sometimes when you’re about to break ground is when you feel like giving up, so press forward with patience at heart.

3. Persistence 

Remember I spoke about pressing forward? Persistence is needed to do this. It’s like trying to complete a difficult task or solve a puzzle, you have to keep trying and keep going if you want to get it done. It’s not about the failures; it’s about going until it gets done, period. Make sure your clients know they need persistence if they want to achieve their goals. That means making sacrifices, changing things up, and being uncomfortable, but all this is part of the journey and they need to keep pressing if they want to get it done.

There are more qualities they need to develop, but these 3 stand the test of time. No one who’s ever achieved anything big did so without these 3 qualities. Likewise, your clients need to know they need to dig in and develop these qualities if they want to achieve their desired results.

Here’s something else I’d like you to think about. If you work in a gym, it would be to your advantage to have some visual reminders for your clients and staff on how to maintain proper posture. Our 4 Points of Posture™ Poster is designed to show your clients that you care about them in ways they hadn’t even thought about. Hang it in the gym or in your office where you conduct assessments, it’s a great addition to every fitness environment.

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