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Tampa, FL, January 03, 2012 –The National Posture Institute has launched an Online Public Posture Program, titled, "Analyzing and Correcting Posture and Body Alignment." It has been especially designed to educate the individual consumer (client) to analyze and correct their posture and body alignment through education, assessments, and exercise movements. Two online distance education programs, including the Non-instructor and the Instructor facilitated courses are presented in Four Modules and students can complete the program at their own pace with unlimited access over Three (3) months.

The Non-instructor facilitated program is self-paced and self-directed ($199) and the Instructor facilitated program is taught by an NPI Certified Posture Specialist (CPS) instructor ($499).

"This new Public Posture Program allows the general public to gain access to our posture and body alignment concepts and to start learning NPI's posture correction systems to achieve a more balanced body free of pain and muscular imbalances," said Ken Baldwin, Executive Director of the National Posture Institute.

In addition, we have released "The Complete Resistance Training Program DVD Series (7 DVDs)" to assist our program enrollees to have a better understanding of incorporating posture and body alignment concepts into resistance training programs to achieve exercise and postural benefits without injury.

"For years, we have been offering extensive posture and body alignment programs for health, fitness and nutrition professionals and students," said Baldwin. "We've especially designed this public posture program to suit the general public who are eager to learn but with limited knowledge or experience compared to professionals."

If you are interested in the NPI's Online Public Posture Program, visit NPI's website at http://www.npionline.org/programs/public. If you are interested in NPI's contests and winning a FREE Online Certified Posture Specialist Program or the NPI's Posture Grid , like NPI on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NationalPostureInstitute

About the National Posture Institute (NPI)      

The National Posture Institute (NPI) is an educational and member-driven organization, providing health and fitness educational programs, public outreach, corporate wellness, and professional certificate programs for allied health/medical/fitness professionals as well as posture education programs for the general public.  NPI is dedicated to delivering education through innovative educational resources, teaching solutions, and courses.

For More Information Contact:
Kenneth Baldwin, Executive Director, NPI
Email: ken@npionline.org
Toll Free: 888-240-2914
Website: www.npionline.org


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