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The National Posture Institute (NPI) Announces Partnership with Trak Fitness LLC

Trak Fitness Ergonomic Handles-Bar Systems: http://www.npionline.org/products/trakfitness 

Tampa, FL, January 3, 2014 - The National Posture Institute and Trak Fitness LLC have formed an Educational Partnership to develop NPI’s Cable Exercise Training Specialization Program incorporating cable exercise training movements using Trak Fitness accessories. The program incorporates the proper use of cable exercise movements in video format and advanced progressive cable resistance exercises.   In addition, the partnership provides CECs-CEUs and educational discount opportunities for health/fitness professionals.  Learn more here: NPI’s Cable Exercise Training Specialization Program    This partnership will allow NPI to educate its allied health/fitness professionals, students and the general public on performing cable exercise movements safely with ergonomically-designed products from Trak Fitness.

Trak Fitness accessories are the first and only cable attachments that remove all range of motion limitations and allow users to move through multiple planes while performing natural ergonomically correct exercises on cable based equipment.  The partnership between NPI and Trak Fitness will allow NPI’s students to be introduced to a range of cable exercises that closely mimic natural human movement with an emphasis on proper form and posture. To learn more about the Trak Fitness products, please visit: http://www.npionline.org/products/trakfitness  

“We have seen a lot of potential in using Trak Fitness accessories for professionals/consumers and our partnership will take both organizations to a new level,” said Ken Baldwin, Executive Director of the National Posture Institute and Recipient of IDEA’s National Personal Trainer of the Year Award.  “There are so many exercise accessories in today’s market and I truly believe Trak Fitness provides the best ones we have ever tested.”

NPI has been delivering posture and body alignment education for years and has designed posture certificate programs for professionals, including Certified Posture Specialist (CPS)™, Certified Resistance Training Professional (RTP)™ and Certified Goniometry Specialist (CGS)™ programs; as well as Public Posture Programs for the general population.  Providing fellow students and workshop attendees with ergonomically correct exercise products is NPI’s commitment as an educational organization specializing in proper posture and body alignment.

“NPI does an exceptional job of providing trainers and fitness professionals with the tools and education they need to help their clients safely and effectively achieve their fitness goals.  NPI shares our goals of providing high quality ergonomically correct solutions to the fitness and rehabilitation industry.  We are excited about working with them” said David Kristiansen, founder and President of Trak Fitness LLC.

About Trak Fitness LLC

Trak Fitness LLC is revolutionizing the fitness industry with state-of-the-art, ergonomically correct equipment.  Its patent pending TrakHandle Pro and TrakHandle Sport lines of cable accessories are the only attachments available that allow three-dimensional multi-plane movements so that users can train more effectively and efficiently, while minimizing potential stress and injury to muscles, joints, and ligaments. 

About the National Posture Institute (NPI)                                                
The National Posture Institute (NPI) is an educational and member-driven organization, providing health and fitness educational programs, public outreach, corporate wellness, and professional certificate programs for allied health/medical/fitness professionals as well as posture education programs for the general public.  NPI is dedicated to delivering education through innovative educational resources, teaching solutions, and courses.

For More Information Contact:                                                                        
Kenneth Baldwin, Executive Director, NPI                
Email: ken@npionline.org                                                                                  
Toll Free: 888-240-2914                                                                                        

Website: http://www.npionline.org/trakfitness                            



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