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The National Posture Institute Offers FREE Educational Webinars in Exercise, Health, and Fitness for professionals and the General Public


Tampa, FL, September 20, 2011- The National Posture Institute will be offering free monthly educational webinars to teach health/fitness professionals and the general public how to perform exercise movements and design personalized fitness programs.  In addition, health and fitness directors/owners may use the webinar program to educate their staff of personal fitness trainers/group exercise instructors (TRX, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, etc...), physical therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, and others while at home or in their place of business.

“I’m excited to present to health/fitness professionals, directors/owners, as well as the general public information to learn how to perform posture assessments, corrective exercises, and design personalized exercise programs for their clients/patients,” said Ken Baldwin, Executive Director of the National Posture Institute.

“Thanks to convenient online technology, people will be able to sit in front of their computers and get this valuable information and education from experts at any time, anywhere,” said Baldwin. “Participants can also interact and communicate with presenters during our live webinar sessions.”

REGISTER for NPI's FREE Webinar Program at http://www.npionline.org/webinar or Email your (FULL NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS ) to info@npionline.org

About the National Posture Institute (NPI)      

The National Posture Institute (NPI) is an educational and member-driven organization, providing health and fitness educational programs, public outreach, corporate wellness, and professional certificate programs for allied health/medical/fitness professionals as well as posture education programs for the general public.  NPI is dedicated to delivering education through innovative educational resources, teaching solutions, and courses.

For More Information Contact:
Kenneth Baldwin, Executive Director, NPI
Email: ken@npionline.org
Toll Free: 888-240-2914
Website: www.npionline.org

Webinar Registration Website:  http://www.npionline.org/webinar

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