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IndoBoard Products

Indo Board Balance and Posture Trainer
The Indo Board goal is to introduce a FUN and CHALLENGING way to exercise the bodies balance and posture control systems. Even though balance is so easily taken for granted, human movement is dependent on balance, coordination, and improvement in posture and body alignment to achieve higher levels of fitness. In this new age of fitness awareness, the notion of posture and balance training IS essential, for all age groups and levels.  Implement Indo Board balance training products for your clients specifically designed to offer the most static-dynamic and balance training available to train the upper and lower core muscle structures.



Indo Original FLO GF Natural with Cushion



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Indo Rocker GF with Cushion

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Balance Training on the Indo Board

Scientific studies suggest that resistance training on unstable devices such as the Indo Board is a highly effective way of conditioning the core musculature. Furthermore, one of the most significant benefits of incorporating instability resistance training into a fitness or athletic conditioning routine is that instability resistance training can augment core and limb muscle activation while still providing maximal or near maximal force and power outputs. Indo Board balance training products have been specifically designed to offer the most dynamic and unstable balance training available. It is equally important to understand that Indo Board offers a wide range of products that can be used easily and safely by individuals ranging in age from young children to senior adults and ranging in athletic experience from unconditioned non-athletes to the worlds most elite athletes. Athletes and Trainers can incorporate the Indo Board into an overall routine in which individuals adjust volumes and intensities of training over time. Used in this manner, instability training can be a great benefit to those looking to improve fitness and athletic conditioning.

Everyone should care about their balance. It is the basic skill needed in practically every sport and it is one of the most basic, functional elements necessary for leading a healthy, injury-free life. Balance training programs have long been recognized as a critical part of improving athletic performance and remain the basis for improving neuromuscular response, proprioceptive conditioning and postural awareness. Recent studies indicate that balance training can also condition and improve musculoskeletal stability and strengthen the core musculature.

One of the most challenging issues that affect older adults is instability and loss of balance awareness. As reported by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), falls in the senior population cost the United States more than $20 billion per year. Dysfunctions in stabilization and improper movement patterns result in approximately 352,000 hip fractures due to falls, over 220,000 total hip replacements and more than 542,000 total knee replacements every year in the United States. The truth is that many injuries and surgeries could be avoided if people received the proper intervention in the form of basic balance training and proprioceptive conditioning.

When beginning a balance training program most people notice that their undivided attention must remain focused on struggling to stay balanced and upright. After several weeks, however, these same people will likely notice they are more confident in their ability to maintain balance and the formerly difficult balance exercises are performed much easier while not requiring the same amount of focus and struggle. This is due to the fact that not only can balance and proprioception be improved through training, but many forms of balance training have the secondary effect of strengthening the musculoskeletal systems of lower extremities and trunk thereby creating not only better balance but a body that is stronger with more stable structures.

Another significant benefit of instability training devices is that they can stimulate high muscle activation without the need for increased loads. Individuals who are involved with rehabilitation, health-related fitness pursuits, cannot access or are less interested in the training stresses associated with ground based free weight lifts, can also receive beneficial resistance training adaptations with instability devices and exercises to achieve functional health benefits. These recent studies also indicate that individuals interested in resistance training should include both types of training (stable and unstable) in order to take advantage of the higher forces with traditional (stable) resistance training and the greater emphasis on trunk activation and balance with instability resistance training. Furthermore these studies point out that the lower force instability resistance training should include higher repetition numbers (i.e. 12-15) as the instability requires the use of lower resistance or lighter weight/load and less force output. Therefore, instability resistance exercises can be instituted within every training session to provide a balance of higher load (traditional exercises) and greater balance and endurance challenges (instability resistance exercises) to the individual. Additionally instability resistance training, which utilizes lower forces, can increase strength and balance in previously untrained young individuals similar to training with more stable machines employing heavier loads.   


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