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Why You’re the Most Important and Irreplaceable Aspect in Your Industry


Do you know how important you are? Of course I mean in general, but in the line of work you’ve chosen? Too many people wait until there’s a real danger before they begin changing things for the better. How many people end up in doctor offices and find out they’re facing a looming health concern that could have been prevented? They then need a variety of specialists to help them deal with the problem.


[National Posture Institute] Why You’re the Most Important and Irreplaceable Aspect in Your Industry


That’s where you come in


At some point, some people stopped believing in the power of the fitness and health professional. With so many “experts” and people who self-diagnose themselves, it’s no wonder professionals are taken for granted. It’s hard to see the value of that you have in this ever growing industry if you don’t feel significant and respected. I want to make sure you understand your value as a professional and express why you’re needed more than ever.


Health concerns will unfortunately never subside. There will always be someone who needs assistance. Research is proving time and time again that exercise, good posture, and proper nutritional habits are major keys to better health. That’s why your role as a professional will never grow dull even though you may feel taken for granted.


You are an invaluable part of your industry


You are the fitness, health, and posture industry’s most valuable and irreplaceable resource. Without you, clients will struggle to make changes to their lives. They will constantly seek to overcome those health concerns on their own, with little or no success. You have been charged with the task of guiding, teaching, and assisting them on their journey toward better health.


There are always challenges to your success; the client may not show up to classes, you may feel unprepared, changes in the industry, and other components that may make you feel like you’re role here is done. You have to stay in the game if you want to win and the people out there who need your help are counting on you.


Being in this line of work can be stressful. It’s difficult waking up daily and getting motivated to work with others who need motivation. This is especially true when you feel like you’re struggling in some area of your life. Nevertheless, you still do it because you love it and you know you can do some real good for someone else.


Here are some questions to help you stay on track when you feel your will power is waning:

  • Who have I helped in the past?
  • How has my presence in my client’s life improved them?
  • How many people can I help today with my gift?
  • What else could I do to help my client’s achieve their goals?
  • How can I upgrade or advance myself so I’m better prepared to help others?

Remind yourself ever so often about your value. Remember all the great things you’ve done and what it means for the clients. Your presence and expertise have been instrumental in helping them build a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s through fitness, posture, or overall health, you’ve saved lives and you deserve to feel great about it.


One of the concerns you might have is feeling unprepared. At times you’re faced with issues that you feel are beyond you. Allow me to offer something to add to what you currently offer your clients. Our partners, Educational Fitness Solutions have an online Sports Nutrition & Performance program that has your name written on it.


This program is designed to help meet the growing needs of professionals who need to discuss nutrition and proper eating habits with their clients. Don’t let the name fool you, even though it says sports you’re also going to learn nutrition topics like vitamins/protein supplementation, functional food implementation, and meal planning.


You can access the information for the program here >>

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