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Why Safety Is Your Number One Concern Even When Your Clients Don’t Like It


It should come as no surprise when the word “safety” is mentioned in the same sentence as personal training. Every personal trainer, and health professional, takes an oath of sorts to ensure the safety of their clients. Sometimes, that safety goes against what they want. Clients are well abreast with all kinds of exercise programs and nutritional systems, but not all of them are safe.


Why Safety Is Your Number One Concern Even When Your Clients Don’t Like It


That’s why you’re there


The internet is an open space for all things good and bad.  It’s far too easy to find some guru who has an opinion on a subject but isn’t well informed about their audience. Everyone is different and their body reacts differently to exercise and the kind of food they eat. Thankfully, there are general rules that apply. A bicep curl will hit your biceps, even if you change the weight or the modality, this we can still be certain. We can also be certain about what looks and sounds dangerous.


How many times have you heard gossip about a new program on the market? There are hundreds of exercise programs, health boosting routines, and strange drinks that are supposed to help bring you to your desired goal sooner. Many of these products simply don’t work, or the client isn’t well informed on how they’re supposed to work and may be taking or performing them incorrectly.


Guide them

  • It’s extremely important that you address these conversations in your sessions or wherever you can. You’ll most commonly see or hear one, or more, the following: The extreme workout program that so-and-so bought
  • The over the counter pill that’s supposed to slim you down
  • The workout routine from the bodybuilder or the eating habits of a celebrity.

These are not for everyone and could typically prove dangerous for the avid gym goer or person just trying to shed a few pounds to see their next birthday. There’s misinformation everywhere these days and if you don’t quell it, it will continue and someone could get seriously hurt.


You, the qualified, bonafide, diligent professional have a responsibility to protect your clients. In this day and age full of random facts, and unqualified and unscrupulous people out to make a buck off someone’s misfortune, you have to be the guiding light that shines through for them. It’s up to you to inform them about the bogus meal plans, challenge them about the crazy workouts, or denounce the whacky drink or pill that’s supposed to give you abs of steel in a matter of months.


Take no nonsense


Never be afraid to step up and challenge what you know is wrong or just isn’t being applied properly. Sometimes, your client’s will scowl at you for challenging them. They might have grown accustomed to the product or workout and don’t want to be told otherwise, but you’re the trainer. You’re the one in charge of the session and you took the oath to ensure they’re safety. If this means that you have to deny applying some crazy routine, condemn the miracle pill, or desist from pushing them harder when you know they aren’t ready, do it.


Your client’s health and your reputation and are on the line if they get injured so don’t compromise when it counts. You are in control whether they’ve hired you or simply work with you. It may be difficult at first to convince someone that your sound approach is better. Remember, you have facts and research on your side while they have Youtube videos and some links from a few opinionated sources.


Use your training. Explain what you’ve been taught


The fitness industry, with its multitude of programs, provides opportunities for you to learn and pass on to others. You don’t need to sit and have a long discussion with your clients to set them straight. However, if you ever felt yourself needing to go grand, know that it’s an opportunity for you to market and position yourself as a professional in your community. People want to know what you know and they’re open to paying for it if need be, but you must be willing to share it even if it goes against the popular opinion.


If you’re unsure, do your homework and get back to them, but be confident in addressing these matters before they get out of hand. The nutrition aspect can be a challenge for some, that’s why there are programs that help answer some of the difficult questions and help prepare the professional for these teachable moments. Our friends at the Educational Fitness Solutions have a few nutrition based programs, like the Functional Nutrition program. This online college certificate discusses contemporary nutrition topics, with research on organic and genetically modified foods to name a few.


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