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Why Academic Knowledge Isn't Enough to Be Successful in the Health & Fitness Industry


It’s been said that you need a degree to function in this ever so changing world. The fitness and health industry is no different; you absolutely need to have studied the subject in some fashion in order to understand what you’re doing and how to help your clients achieve their results safely. What’s interesting is how many people with degrees are entering this field without the qualities and skills necessary to be successful.


Why Academic Knowledge Isn't Enough to Be Successful in the Health & Fitness Industry

This issue goes beyond the classroom; there are some things you can’t learn from a book, only experience will teach you. For others, their problem is they haven’t understood that the people we service are the heart of this entire industry. If a professional doesn’t understand this they’re far less likely to be successful in this industry.

Have you ever met a professional who can’t seem to relate to their clients? I’m sure you’ve met someone who you can’t seem to relate too or just doesn’t get you and it’s a major turn off. That happens with professionals in this industry all the time. They just aren’t fitting in because they don’t know how and no one has taught them.

Some professionals just don’t have the right skills to work with and relate to their clients. It’s all good and jolly that you have a degree, but if you haven’t learned anything about the people who need your help then you’ll have problems. Too many professionals are leaving college with a degree, but not with the skills and qualities necessary to be successful and it’s sad.

Unfortunately, some things can’t be taught in a classroom. Many of the professionals working in this field are struggling because they haven’t learned the skills and qualities needed. Some are born with them while others can develop them, but they’re needed if you want to be a successful professional in this people focused industry.

Have you ever wondered how some people do it? They’re all over the TV or on social media. Sometimes you listen to them and you think you could do that too. You know what they know and possibly more and you’re right. In this industry knowing is half the battle, we must be able to translate this complex information so that our clients can understand and achieve their desired results.

If I asked you to name some qualities and skills you absolutely must have to make it in this field what would you say? You might say patience and compassion, but you’d definitely say the ability to communicate, particularly the ability to listen and care about what your client’s are expressing. The worst kind of professional is one that doesn’t listen or lacks communication skills.

Other traits you ask? You absolutely need to be business savvy; you need to have a basic understanding of marketing, accounting, leadership, and overall business. You can throw in writing, public speaking, and overall professionalism which include having manners and respect too. This list is by no means complete; there are quite a number of qualities and skills needed. While you may not be an expert in them all, you couldn’t have been where you are without them.

I want to reemphasize my point again; one of the biggest reasons some professionals, who aren’t even certified, are successful is their ability to communicate. They also impact the way they make their clients feel, especially when they’re physically around them. It’s best described as being relatable and their clients love working with them.

The other huge piece is listening skills; people who don’t listen and try to understand where their clients are coming from are doomed to fail. You’ve probably met people like this before, you’re speaking to them and they aren’t even listening; you can see it on their body and when they just don’t get what you’re saying it’s frustrating.

If there’s anything you take away from today’s article it’s that you need to know how to communicate effectively, listen, and relate to your clients. You must have a grasp of how the other skills and talents, but you absolutely need to be good with people.

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