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The Importance of Posture Analysis and Correction


You’ve probably heard complaints about lower back pain about million times now, right? It’s not just the lower back either it could be the neck or shoulder. Millions of people are suffering from some sort of pain related problem and they aren’t aware of how their repetitive actions could have caused it and will probably never know because no one has examined and discussed it with them.


[National Posture Institute] The Importance of Posture Analysis and Correction


The chiropractors have a job ahead of them, but how many people visit one? And how many of said professionals are discussing the dangers of poorly maintained body alignment and the effect it’s having on someone’s body? More needs to be done; fitness and health professionals must stay united on the idea that posture and body alignment are a must-know area if the people we all serve are to live better.


Have you ever assessed someone’s posture? What about your own? Are you aware of how your body alignment, your habits, and your daily routine could be adding more strain to your body? Most professionals don’t know this and won’t, because their certifying bodies haven’t placed an emphasis on this kind of knowledge. Most fitness books don’t have a section, let alone mention, anything about this subject under injury prevention.


It’s incredible how we hear about popular pain areas like the lower back, neck, and shoulder, but more education isn’t being provided to fitness and health professionals to analyze, assess, and correct the issues. Many of these problems stem from poor alignment which starts with habitual behaviors and a lack of knowledge on how to perform activities of daily living in proper alignment.


While I’ve mentioned the big three issues i.e. those popular pain areas, there are so many others that don’t get a focus. How many people skip work due to overuse injuries? If you’ve heard of carpal tunnel and just about any over joint pain, they’re due to forces acting on the body and consistently performing tasks in poor alignment or without the proper support. When I’m typing these articles, I ensure that my wrist is in proper alignment and I make sure to take breaks.


For the many people who work in office environments do they know how to safeguard their wrists? Do they know how to make the necessary adjustments to avoid possible pain problems like carpal tunnel in the long run? The answer is a resounding “No”. No one teaches them and there isn’t enough information circulating on a regular basis for people who works in these areas. This goes for most manual labor jobs and anything that involves repetitive motions; activities like playing the violin or leaning over to mop can result in a shoulder problem if not monitored and adapted.


That’s why this is so important; that’s why it’s vital that we, the professionals, spread the word in order to help people in these positions. We analyze, assess, and correct posture with hopes that others can live pain free and happy. In light of this, we learn about ourselves. You may be shaking an elbow or shoulder after working on a project or typing away at your desk due to mild discomfort, but that may be the cue that you need to take a break. It’s not simple yet it’s important.


So what can health and fitness professionals do to help build a stronger awareness? First, they must learn more about body alignment and posture, and the impacts on the body. Then they must assess, analyze, and correct their own as only through doing can we truly learn. Lastly, they can start pushing for more posture education for those that need it the most. Professionals can also become certified and work with those who currently have the pain problem and need relief.


Let’s make a dedicated effort to teach others about body alignment when we can. The National Posture Institute is committed to doing this, but we also need your help if we’re to reach more people. Please take a moment to fill out our 2018 trends survey below. You’ll automatically be entered in a giveaway for a chance to win a complimentary access to our NPI-Certified Posture Specialist™ program, a program that will no doubt allow you to reach and help more people.


Here’s the survey, thanks in advance for your support. Pass this along to your health and fitness professional list also:


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