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How Fitness Pros are Committing a Great Disservice by Neglecting Posture in Their Content


It’s amazing how far the industry has come over the years. Once ago, exercise was televised at different times during the day now you can access exercise programs on Youtube or on your favorite social media channel at any time. It’s easy for anyone to access fitness content and that’s why I’m encouraging fitness professionals to pay attention to the content they share with their clients.


Have you ever come across a video or image demonstrating an exercise? Sure you have, as stated it’s far too easy to see them these days. How many of the professionals in these videos have good form? Almost all of them, right? Are client’s even aware of what good form looks like?


[National Posture Institute] How Fitness Pros are Committing a Great Disservice by Neglecting Posture in Their Content


Not everyone is doing it right


Unfortunately, not every professional is demonstrating the best form possible. Some pros are still prescribing exercises and stretches to their clients that pose a problem to their postural alignment. I believe if a professional really cares about their clients they should pay better attention to what they’re sharing with them.


It’s a great disservice when clients value and respect the professional, but the posture and body alignment exhibited on screen, or in images, aren’t up to par. I’m sure you’ll agree that a fitness professional is also a leader. Clients look up to us and seek our tutelage in handling their unique concerns. That’s why it’s important for us to monitor our body alignment and posture while performing our routines.


Do you post images or videos online?


A class setting is easier to monitor a client’s posture. This changes when the trainer and client aren’t near each other. The client is relying solely on the content they have before them. Whether it’s video or imagery, there’s no way for a professional to correct or even see their form. I want to urge professionals who create and post content to mention the right form and postural alignment necessary to perform the techniques correctly. I also want to mention that clients are following whatever is being posted, so ensuring body alignment is correct would be of great value to both parties. 


Here’s a short list of points that can be mentioned in videos or posted with images. While these points can’t all be mentioned for every exercise, it’s still important to take note and include as many as possible:


  1. Proper head/neck, shoulder, and lower back alignment
  2. Where the exercise works and how it should feel
  3. Cues on how to tell if you’re doing it correctly
  4. Possible problem areas and pointers on what to avoid to stay safe
  5. Possible modifications to increase or decrease the intensity


As professionals, we must set an example. We’re leaders in fitness, health, posture, and so much more. We must show our client’s how to train and take care of their bodies in the best ways possible. Remember, they’ve put their faith in us and they believe that what we’re showing them is right for them. Let’s put our best forward and guide our clients properly.


In putting our best forward, I think it’s appropriate for me to say a special thanks for the fine work our NPI-Certified Posture Specialistsperform on a regular basis. Our specialists work to ensure issues of body alignment and posture are a thing of the past. Interested in joining the movement?


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