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Good Posture: An Easy & Quick Way to Reduce Migraines


There are numerous benefits of having good posture including relieving chronic neck and back pain, increasing your oxygen intake, giving you more confidence, and reducing migraines. While you might be thinking, something as simple as correcting your posture can’t possibly stop my migraine pain, there is a lot of evidence connecting posture to migraines.


Migraines are very common in individuals ages 15-55, and are even more prevalent in women. There are two main types of migraines: migraines with aura, and migraines without. Basically, aura is the onset symptoms that occur before your migraine hits. The more common migraine type is migraines without aura, which occur in the front and or sides of your head.


While there are many different symptoms of migraines, the most common include nausea, vomiting, lower blood pressure, sensitivity to light, yawning, constipation and mood swings. Having frequent migraines is a debilitating and frustrating condition.

There’s good news for those suffering from migraines! Fixing your posture is an easy and quick way to help reduce the pain you might be experiencing. Poor posture can lead to tension or pain in your back and neck, ultimately sparking a migraine attack. By alleviating this stress, you will reduce and prevent the risk of such an attack. While slouching, your spine curves in an unhealthy way, stretching and tightening your spinal cord, which also leads to headaches.


In addition to relieving tension, poor posture reduces the amount of oxygen your body intakes. Migraines are heavily related to your oxygen level. It’s no secret how important oxygen is for your body, but you might not know that you are actually in control of how much oxygen you intake. When you hunch over, you immediately deprive your brain of an extensive amount of oxygen. This loss of oxygen will widen your blood vessel which is directly related to headache pain.


Since technology is constantly integrated into our daily lives, it can become a challenge to sit up or stand up straight while on devices such as your computer, tablet, and phone. While it may be a challenge to correct your posture while at work, the migraine relief you could experience will make the challenge well worth it. Along with being conscious of your posture while sitting at your desk, there are many other tools you can use to help straighten your spine. Try wearing a posture brace, performing daily stretches and exercises that strengthen your abs and shoulders (these are the muscles you use to hold yourself upright), and practicing yoga.


Fixing your posture is a great way to not only make you feel healthier, but look healthier too. If you are suffering from migraine pain, fixing your posture could help, and it has an extra plus of other benefits that will make you happier and more confident!



About the Author:

Caitlin Schneider is a content writer for BraceAbility, an online retailer of orthopedic braces and supports. BraceAbility provides educational information to help customers diagnose their pain and learn about their injury or condition. They also sell a wide variety of specialty braces including posture correctors, plus size knee and back braces, pregnancy supports and abdominal binders. To learn more about BraceAbility, visit their website here 

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