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5 Telltale Signs That You Need a Break to Realign and How They're Secretly Wrecking You


It’s the middle of the year and there’s bound to be all kinds of people walking through your door this summer; maybe they want to shed a few extra pounds for the beach or they want to make sure their health is in order before their vacation. Whatever it is, you’ve been working hard and the effects of fatigue are growing on you.


5 Telltale Signs That You Need a Break to Realign and How They're Secretly Wrecking You


Tired is the easiest way you explain how you feel but it’s not that you’re just tired; it’s a mix of feelings. You know you need to work, but something just feels off. You’ve been working diligently in your field for years, you might sleep well at night, but there’s a part of you that’s yearning for something, but you don’t know what.


By no means is this a call for you to quit your job; this is a call for you to take a break to put things into perspective. You don’t need a grand vacation, but what you definitely need is time away from your work space to think and realign. If you feel tired, fed up, moody, or worst of all like you couldn’t care less then you’re definitely in need of much needed self-time.


Why take time to realign? The reasons are quite simple, if you’re not doing your best you can’t perform you best. You may be so tired that you’ve been allowing important things to slide; the client is saying something and you’re not paying attention or they’re performing activities and you aren’t as vocal as before.  It happens, they’re human and you know it, but some days you’re between losing your patience and losing your concern.


Here are 5 telltale signs that you need a break to realign and how these behaviors are negatively affecting you:


1.  You’re honestly done with your job and the people there


Even though you try to keep it to yourself, a part of you has had it with the way things are and you don’t want to be involved. The worst part of this is the on edge feeling that accompanies it. Holding onto the negativity is tearing you up inside. The worst thing that could happen is those feelings coming to the surface in the worst way, so take a break to sort this out. You can’t think straight if you’re always in that environment.


2.  Your clients just don’t get it and you’re secretly frustrated about it


People are human beings and we forget they’re prone to mistakes. Sometimes, the client’s don’t listen, comply, or just frustrate you for no big reason. If you’re accustomed to this or you feel like you’re constantly battling with someone it will take a toll on your mind and could affect your perspective on the whole situation. You may even begin feeling moody or frustrated toward other clients when you normally wouldn’t do it. Remove yourself for a while to reassess the situation.


3.  You show less concern for the details


Have you been letting important things slide? You may feel so tired that you’ve waved off issues that you used to be concerned about.  This isn’t good in the long run. You are tacitly allowing yourself and your clients to develop bad habits that could lead to major concerns later. If your overall drive and energy are low and you feel tolerance is better than addressing the issues, then there’s a problem.


4.  You feel worn out


Burn out is a very real feeling and despite whatever you’re doing, you too could be knee deep in it. You work hard; you’ve spent late nights and early mornings mastering your craft, but there’s a limit to how much you can do. All the work is affecting your ability to really shine because you’re tired. Believe me when I say this, the work will be there when you return, but your health won’t if you don’t take control now.


5.  You’re bored and want something new


What happened to your sense of adventure and zest for life? Your proverbial light may be dim and that’s because you’ve spent months at a time working long and hard. One of the major causes for this is boredom; getting so accustomed to the routine that it leaves you feeling a little depressed or like you just don’t want to be there. A major telltale sign that you need to realign is feeling like your zest for life is gone, take the time off to go find your spark.


Is a break such a bad word? Of course not, if you haven’t planned what you’ll be doing on your next time off then I highly suggest you do. Remember, you don’t need some big life altering vacation, though that may be necessary in some cases, but you definitely need to spend some time catching up on you. It will allow you to put things into a better perspective. It’s difficult to think positive when you feel like what’s around you is draining your energy. 


While I can’t offer something to solve all the signs above, I can offer something that will definitely excite and challenge you. Have you seen the Sports Nutrition and Performance program by our friends at the Educational Fitness Solutions? The program is jam packed with all you need to start a new adventure or just add something new to what you currently offer.


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