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5 Reasons Why Fitness Professionals Fail and How to Avoid It from Happening to You


With thousands of professionals in the fitness industry there’s been some serious work done in the past to improve the health of the world. It amazes me how far we’ve come and how much we’ve learned, and best of all, it’s all being put to use for the betterment of ourselves and the clients we strive to help and heal.


[National Posture Institute] 5 Reasons Why Fitness Professionals Fail and How to Avoid It from Happening to You

Despite all the wonderful changes and upgrades many continue to fail time and time again, because they aren’t privy to what’s causing it. They may have an idea yet there are some pieces they haven’t considered and it’s costing them their career. While each individual is different, there are some things you just don’t do if you want to be successful.

Here are 5 general reasons why fitness professionals fail and how you can avoid ending up in the same boat:

1.  Lack of concern for clients

One of my biggest gripes is seeing professionals mistreat their clients. Their care and concern seems to have gone on vacation. The clients are the lifeblood of what we do when they’re gone, we’re left with nothing and having to quit or start over. Professionals need to respect their clients and see them as individuals not a means to an ends.

Your move: Make your clients a priority. Ask questions, listen attentively, and meet them where they’re currently at on their fitness journey. Remember, your clients are the reason you’re in this field. You’re striving to create change for them.

2.  Financial mismanagement

It’s fantastic when we receive our due, but many professionals don’t actually know what to do with it after. They take their hard earned cash and squander it. Of course they need to eat, but do they really need those expensive fitness shoes or that cool gadget? Is it really going to help?

Your move: Always try to put something aside for a rainy day. The money will come in handy for investing in your brand or new equipment. Invest in your education and career at some point also; don’t spend it all on enjoyment. If you’re unsure on how to do this, find an advisor who can help you manage your earnings and put all this into perspective.

3.  Unprofessional behavior & practices

Do you want to know how professionals fail fast? Unprofessional behavior and they become known for it by prospective clients. From failing to dress the part to sleeping with clients, ripping people off, and being dirty in the way they handle others. It all comes back around and when it does they can kiss their reputation good bye. No one likes unprofessional behavior.

Your move: Pay attention to the way you carry yourself and ensure you respect your clients and those around you. People see what you do more than what you say. If you want to control how others see you, do so by setting a positive example. Be the professional people can trust.

4.  Not advertising themselves

Some professionals are excellent at what they do. They’re the ones you trust and go too, but there’s just one problem. No one knows who they are. They’re like the undiscovered wonder of the gym world, but they don’t advertise or promote themselves. They don’t have a social media page or outlet where people can see how awesome they are and they regularly skip on telling others about their awesomeness because they’re too shy.

Your move: You best skip the shyness if you want to see people in your exercise classes. If you don’t have business cards, get some and get on some social media outlets. Pass out your cards, talk to people and tell them who you are, and write or post videos of what you do on a regular.

5.  No real plan in place

When a professional doesn’t have a plan in place it hampers their ability for growth. If drifting is the way to go then they’ll continue to drift without any real direction. Everyone needs a plan. Where are you going?  Where do you see yourself in the 5 years? These questions are the tip of the iceberg, but those who skip them and fail to plan have tacitly planned to fail.

Your move: Have a plan. Start by answering the questions above and keep adding to the list. Plans give you direction and allow for growth. To fulfill said plans you need to know what’s needed and you’ll seek what’s necessary to get it done. Don’t drift on the sea of life, build your proverbial ship and set sail for a brighter future.

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