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5 Practices to Stay Grounded as You Enter the Busiest Season of the Year


It’s almost September and before you know it, October will be here. It’s safe to say autumn is just around the corner and that marks the beginning of one of the most busy and sometimes stressful times of the year. With the way the year is going, it’ll be 2018 before you know it.


[National Posture Institute] 5 Practices to Stay Grounded as You Enter the Busiest Season of the Year

How has 2017 been treating you so far? This year has been one full of stress, worry, and mixed emotions. You can’t seem to turn on your TV, radio, or social media platform without seeing or hearing some form of bad news. As I write this, it’s been one problem after the other; people are feeling divided more than ever now with everything that’s happening.

Can you imagine having to deal with this heavy atmosphere during this portion of the year? It’ll be freezing in no time, making outdoor activities like exercise or just going for a walk twice as challenging. This time of the year, though beautiful, comes with its challenges including mood changes due to staying indoors, lack of exercise, and limited access to typical habits that keep you grounded.

Here are 5 practices you can adopt to help you cope with and feel more grounded going into this season:

1.  Meditation

You’ve probably heard this time and time again, but start thinking about meditation. Not only does it ground you and clear your mental space it allows you the time you need to move past whatever’s eating at you. There’s going to be a lot of stressful moments that take your breath away this season, take time to be at peace and cultivate your inner garden.

2.  Spending time alone

Just in case meditation’s not your thing you still need your alone time. With work, family, and life overall it’s important to create some distance and mark out some space for yourself. If you get the chance to take walks and enjoy the scenery alone, do so. If you can’t get outside much try making time for yourself indoors so you can relax.

3.  Having fun

All work and no play will make life feel miserable. You’re not a machine; you need to schedule play time where you can drop work for a few hours and have fun. It could be as simple as the movies or going for ice cream; whatever you decide, make sure you have fun. Laugh, smile, and let the load off. You’ll need it.

4.  Take time off from your routine

When is your next vacation planned? Are you planning on taking any form of time off during this season? It doesn’t have to be a long break, even a few days or a weekend away from home will do you good. Sometimes you need to take a vacation from your house and your daily routine, so don’t shy away from taking some time off this season.

5.  Trying new or relaxing hobbies

Whenever you have free time try something new and exciting. Pick up art, get back into reading, or try something completely new. Never tried dancing? Have at it. Whatever you decide on doing, make sure it clears your mind and allows you the time to grow and relax. What if you don’t have free time? If you don’t have free time, you need to seriously work on that. That’s a problem and in itself.

The more of these practices you employ the easier things will feel as you wade through all the possible nonsense to come. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t be all bad, but you may not enjoy the good if you’re knee deep worrying or occupying your mental space with the challenges around you. Make time for you and try doing one or more of the practices mentioned.

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