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5 Free Ways to Market Yourself and Your Health & Fitness Business in 2017


As the industry changes, so must we. It’s important to keep this in mind going forward in 2017. What methods are you using to promote yourself and market what you uniquely offer?  I’m going to give you 5 free ways you could market yourself in 2017 and mention some things you need to avoid to help keep you in top shape.


[National Posture Institute] 5 Free Ways to Market Yourself and Your Health & Fitness Business in 2017

The first thing I need to mention is the goal of your marketing strategy. You need to increase your visibility. Whether online or in person, people need to know you; you need to establish in their mind that you’re the health or fitness professional that they can go too when they need something.

The next piece is to properly communicate what you uniquely offer. What’s so different about you? Is it your classes? Is it your accent or the kind of music you use? Is it your style and flow? What makes you unique? Once you answer that question, make sure people know it. The more people see your face, hear your name, and know what you do, the easier they can connect the dots and will feel more comfortable dealing with you.

So, what about some ways to actually market yourself and what you offer? Marketing can be expensive. Here are 5 ways you can do it without spending much if anything at all.

1. Use social media networks

I’m sure you’ve heard this so many times at this point, but believe me when I say that social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Use it; get on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, FacebookYoutube or whatever else works and promote who you are and what you do, similar to how we're doing it. New channels are popping up regularly, some emphasize video while others imagery. While you don’t need to get on all of them, make sure you’re using at least one to promote yourself.

2. Let your clients sell you

The age old method of word of mouth will never die. If your clients love you and what you do, ask them to politely share your contact information with others who may need someone as awesome as yourself. It’s free, easy, and it can’t hurt to ask for help.

3. Invite people to your sessions/classes

Some people dislike giving things away, others don’t have a problem. Set your standard with what you can and can’t do, but don’t be afraid to let people test run your services.

4. Hold talks in your local or online community

What are you passionate about within your field? What do you know that could really help others? Share it! Share what you know either online or off. There are so many ways to connect with others and get your name and face out there. People want to hear you. You’d be surprised to know that there are hundreds of people out there who want to hear what you have to say, so get ready and get out there.

5. Introduce yourself to people whenever you can

I once heard that marketing yourself can be done anytime and anywhere. At the laundry, hanging out with friends, meeting new people etc. Where ever you are, make sure you establish yourself as the health or fitness professional. Tell people what you do and don’t be afraid to offer your services or hand them a business card.

Before I end, I want to share a few points about marketing pieces you should avoid. I saw something I found distasteful a few days ago and I want to advise you against it. Have you ever seen an advertisement or marketed something on a page and someone else stuck their advertising right under your own? Sometimes it’s done to demean your original post, but regardless if you’re one of those people, stop it. It comes off as desperate and disparaging to the person/organization you’ve placed it under.

Avoid piggybacking off someone else’s advertisements. If you need a shout out from another organization, ask and be willing to do the same. The best way to receive support is to support others. People will respect you for it. The last thing you need is to be the person who sneaks their products onto other people’s pages to get attention, it’s not good marketing so avoid it.

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