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5 Crucial Questions You Need to Answer to Get Crystal Clear About Your Ideal Audience


If you were asked to imagine your ideal client what characteristics would they have? You may already have a picture in mind, but how many of your current client’s match the description? For so many, they’re floating by without a specific client base. This method works for some, but many get stuck and it leads to stagnation and feeling frustrated. The right kinds of clients aren’t coming through the door and it’s mostly because the professional hasn’t decided who they want to best serve yet.


5 Crucial Questions You Need to Answer to Get Crystal Clear About Your Ideal Audience


Do you feel similar to what I explained? Of course you have goals, you know what you’re about and you’ve been putting your best foot forward, but is it enough? Do you think you could do better? Of course you can, you just need a little extra push, right? The first step toward your new goal of moving forward is getting clear about what you want to happen. Next, in your career, it’s absolutely crucial you get crystal clear about the ideal audience you want to serve. Who do you want to work with going forward?


Many health and fitness professionals don’t specialize; they’ve succumbed to taking on whoever walks through the door because it’s easier that way. In a growing and evolving market you have to start specializing in some area to really shine; you must mark out your niche and find the best way to attract and serve your tribe.


Here are 5 questions I think you absolutely need to answer if you want to get crystal clear about your target audience, drop the frustration and stagnation, and burst the limits in your career:


1.  Who is your audience?


Who are they? What do they look like? How old are they? Define who they are by filling in the details as best as you can. You don’t need to have everything completely figured out, but it’s better you come up with something and make changes as time progresses.


2.  Where can you find them?


Find out where your ideal audience hangs out and where they spend most of their time. If you can find the best way to reach them you’re a step closer to your goal. Example, if you’re clients are executives, they’re more likely to use LinkedIn. Get yourself on LinkedIn, learn how to use it, and get cracking on putting yourself out there so they can find you.


3.  What interests do they share?


This question may seem strange, but it also helps you find out what your client’s spend most of their time doing. What sports do they like? Do they read certain magazines, or attend certain events? This will help you define, relate, and find your ideal clients.


4.  What problems are they facing?


Everyone’s going through something, what are some concerns facing your ideal audience? Find out what they need even though they may not realize they need it yet. Identifying issues is the first step toward coming up with a solution.


5.  How can you take your skillset and help them?


Remember the problem? This is all about the solution. You have a skill, a gift, a talent, so how can you use what you have to best serve your ideal audience? What products or services can you offer that would help them?


It’s important you answer these questions, because the answers will give you direction. Without direction you’ll end up nowhere fast, you’ll feel like a ship sailing on the ocean without a destination. Define your audience, find out what’s bothering them, and determine how you can help.


Here’s an idea to get you started: Have you ever thought of specializing in posture? The need for posture correction is growing with millions of Americans already afflicted by lower back pain and forward head posture to name a few. Define your audience and get clear on how you can use posture to serve them. If you’re unsure, unclear, or confused on how to do this, we answer some of these questions and more in our free webinar: “How to Profit from Posture Assessments”. You’ll learn the how and why’s of posture correction and develop the right plan to begin serving your audience.


You can access the link here >>

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